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Why Choose Century 21 Property Management?


Are your currently renting your property and not happy with the service being provided?
Looking for a property management team that understands the importance of communication?

At Century 21 Western Coastal we strive to offer the best service to all our landlords. We understand that your rental property is more than just a source of income, but an investment into your future. Our team acknowledges the importance of managing your asset to ensure and enhance its continual appreciation up until you decide to sell, while maximising short term gains through limiting vacancy periods.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are reliable and flexible to the needs of landlords and tenants to ensure a smooth tenancy. Communication is very important to us, which is why we are dedicated to provide you with up to date and regular feedback.

Our property management department offers a comprehensive service supported by our computerised structured systems which enable us to deal with any issues that may arise efficiently and effectively. As you will see, the professional fees we offer reflect the quality service we continue to provide and are fully tax deductable.

The decision of who will manage your investment is one that should not be determined by who can quote the highest weekly rental rate, rather who can provide the best result in current market conditions while offering exceptional service, expert advice and high quality management.

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to discuss your investment property.

Why use a professional property manager?

Looking After Your Investment

Managing an investment property is more than just collecting the weekly rent. In order to manage a rental property to a high standard, stay up to date with legislation, conduct inspections, organise maintenance, as well as finding, screening and communicating with tenants, a significant amount of time is required which many landlords do not have, due to their own busy schedules.

With our dedicated team, streamlined processes and up to date property management software, you can be assured that every situation can be dealt with in a quick and efficient manner, which our current landlords can attest to.