Preparing your house for Sale

Preparing your house for Sale
-Preparing your house for sale-


This is the time to attend to all the repairs around the home that we all put off and become accustomed to over time. If it needs fixing or replacing, this is the time to do it.

- A potential buyer will be making note of all noticeable repairs and their associated costs. These will be taken into consideration when an offer is made. Buyer calculations are generally inflated, so conduct the repairs yourself.

- Check walls for peeling paint or loose wallpaper. If the wallpaper needs replacing, take into consideration the cost of repainting for a more modern look.

- Larger repairs need to be identified, fixed and disclosed during the sales process. Disclose all the necessary information to potential buyers to develop trust.


- We all know the importance of a clean home. Every room in your home should be cleaned and ready to shine for inspections.

- All windows should be clean inside and out to let the natural light through.

- Clean all carpets and rugs. Clean and polish all floorboards, tiles and Lino. Consider re-finishing wood floors if necessary.

- Clean and polish all woodwork, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

- Clean all light fixtures, with all dust to be removed. Ceiling fan blades should also be dusted, as they attract a lot of dust.

Space Management-

- To give the home a more spacious feel, remove some collectables. Leave enough around the home e.g. family photos to provide personal touch. This will protect precious items and also provide an opportunity to clean out unnecessary items for your new home.

- Arrange furniture to make each room feel as spacious as possible. This is especially important during open inspections, as there will be several groups of people walking through your home.

- Organise closets so they are neat and tidy. It shows the effective use of space and overall impression of larger space. This might be a good time to throw out any clothes you no longer require.

- Get in the habit of removing all clutter e.g. shoes, clothes, towels and other personal possessions, just in case of a last minute inspection.

Use lighting to create a sense of space. All blinds and curtains should be open and all lights should be turned on throughout the home.

Colour Scheme/Neutralising-

-If you are deciding to repaint or recarpet your home, take careful consideration when deciding which colours to use. You want to choose the colour that appeals to the most buyers.

- Choosing neutral colours will make your home more liveable and adaptable for buyers e.g. buyers will be able to move into their new home without having to replace their existing furniture.

- The real estate market is demand driven, appealing to more buyers will increase this demand. So this is not the time to let personal taste take over. If you do decide to repaint, don’t chose bold colours that will limit options for potential buyers.


- The smell/aroma of a home is just as important as a visibly clean home. Ensure smells from cooking, pets and especially cigarettes are not present, as they have a negative impact on buyers.

-Getting a professional cleaner might be an option as the different smells can settle into the carpets, furniture or curtains, which air fresheners or deodorisers cannot cover up.

- Wet towels can be a source of odours, so it is best to not let them fill up the laundry basket.

- After the home has been removed of any unwanted scents or smells, this would be the perfect opportunity to create a fresh fragrance through the home.


- The laundry is one of the most used rooms in the home so check the walls for peeling caused by moisture. A quick paint of the walls might be appropriate.

- Remove all dirty laundry and store in a closed container or basket. Clean the washer and dryer.

Tidy and organise all cupboards and storage space.


- If the outside of the house need a new coat of paint. This is the time to do it. The walls might not need to be painted, but they still might need to be cleaned.

- If you have any decking, it might need a coat of varnish.

- All windows should be washed, cleaned and any broken or cracked windows replaced.

- Ensure all locks are in good working order. Security is a concern for buyers.

- The driveway should be clean e.g. no weeds and swept.

- The garden needs attending to. The lawns need to be mowed, leaves raked and the hedges trimmed.

- If colour needs to be added to the garden, this is the time to do it. You don’t need to go overboard, less is more, as buyers generally don’t want high maintenance gardens, but still make it stand out.

- If you have the enough space in the backyard, make room for a dedicated outdoor living area. Make use of tables and chairs, bring out the BBQ to create an additional entertaining area.

- The front door is the gateway to a buyers new home, so make sure it is in good working order e.g. opens and closes easily and quietly. The same attention should be given to the screen door as well e.g. no tears or holes.


- Clean the whole kitchen, including all appliances. Ensure there are no marks/stains on the countertops, stove or sink.

- Remove all detergents and small unnecessary appliances to avoid clutter. In doing so, it will maximise space and make the kitchen appear larger and more functional.

- Add a bit of flare to the kitchen by using a fruit bowl or flowers to brighten up the kitchen area.


Imagine for a moment that you are in the Bed & Breakfast business. How would you decorate the bedrooms to appeal to a paying visitor? Naturally, you would make the beds with your best sheets and quilt. Maybe you would add a vase of flowers or place an attractive armchair in a corner. Every bedroom in your home should be inviting to prospective buyers.

- Spacious master bedrooms are particularly popular among today’s home buyers, remove excess furniture if the room is crowded and minimise clutter.

- An ensuite o the master bedroom is considered a real bonus. Decorate the ensuite to coordinate with the colour scheme of your bed room.

- Ensure wardrobe interiors smell fresh and clean. Hang an air freshener in the wardrobe for a pleasant fragrance.